Triple #1 (Posted on Fall 1998)

As 1998 rolled around, the quest for the "first" H-2 started and grew more intense each day. I started to look around and found a '74 H-2 for sale from a nearby town, but the bike just did not look right, the tank was still a bit bulky and the paint was non-original. Finally, I located a '75 H-2C with only 2907.9 original miles from Indianapolis (Arizona origin); I knew I had to acquire this one because the styling was exactly what I had pictured in mind all along.  When I visited the seller's (Tom Bordenet) garage, it looked just like a place in "Sanford and Son" -- there were triple bikes and parts stacking, hanging, parking, and lying all over the place. It took tom awhile before he could clear a path which was narrow but just enough to roll the H-2 out to the driveway. As I was inspecting over the bike, old Tom wasn't even with me, he was pulling wheelies up and down the street on one his motor scooters.  Afterwards, Tom took me inside his house, again, triple pictures and parts were used as decorative pieces. I still shake my head every time I think of Tom. This '75 H-2C is really special because it is totally original and I just don't have the heart to put on any more miles -- it's practically priceless. On top right is a picture of Tom (the bigger guy...I mean wider) and me in front of Tom's house right before I took the bike home.

Update (June 2001):
I regret to sell this rare H-2 but it is going to a home of a good friend.
Picture was taken at my driveway after new owner strapped it down.
I only put on 14 miles at Mid-Ohio race track so the odometer reads 2931 miles.