NAKTC Project - 74 G5B

Project 1974 G5100 Restoration:
Another chapter on rescueing barn bikes. well, it starts out as a '78 KE100 that I bought locally.
I tear it down but really wanted an older generation G5 instead.

Update: August 9, 2009

I actually find another bike, a 1974 G5 and it is complete.
Take it over to a friend (Mr. K) to start the restoration process.

The bike does not run at this point but I am anxious to see what are the issues.
Good signs are: Maing wiring harness and stator connectors are intact.

Take the motor out for inspection and nothing seems to be missing.
The rings are damaged and stuck in the groove

Test Ride Before Tearing Down
Thanks to Mr. K for his humerous commentary
37Meg streaming window media file => Click Here

Hope you enjoyed the video!

More and more you will see pictures of current state -- typical dirty and rusty parts