NAKTC Project - 75 H2C (790miles)

Please check back for frequent updates as these projects are meant to be pseudo interactive.

Project 1975 H2C Restoration:
Got an email from a guy that he wants to sell an H2C that he bought brand new in 1976.
Below is the exact emai:

I have a 1975 H2C for sale. 

I bought the bike in April of 1976 and had an accident in May of '76.
the bike has 790 original miles. The tires are the exact tires that
came off of the showroom floor. It needs a seat, carbs (someone was
going to rebuild in 77 and took the carbs. Not seen him or them since).
A front fender, a left front shock and a rim for back tire; current one
is bent and a left hand side cover. Other than those parts the bike is
completely there.

If interested please call: 217 XXX-XXXX. I live in Glenarm,
Immediately, I got suspicious and a little excited, so I called the guy up to find out what's the scoop.  It turns out that he crashed it and never got it fixed since 1976. He didn't say how bad was the crash and I did not ask. On August 16, 2008, he delivered the bike to my house for $800. It only took me a split second to assess the bike and figured out that the crash was not minor. I think it did some somersaults and a cartwheel. Any way, I am determined to bring life back to this bike.  Any surprises I find, you'll find out soon because I will try to post soon after. 

Left side cover and seat are missing in action.
Has to be the roughest but lowest mileage that I've ever encountered

A week later, I am going through the bike and discover a lot of parts are in poor shape and probably not salvageable.
 It was a nice home for some rodents.

Update: August 9, 2009