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Triple of the Month (Jan '99) 

Submitter: Max of Rome, Italy
Bike: H2A Modified

This was the only message I received from Max, "un caro saluto da max (Rome Italy)."

Here is a first international Triple of the Month from Italy. Appearing is a rare '72 H2 in "gold" with very nice blend of modifications and stock preservation. Gold mags matching the stock "gold" bodywork; stock pipes; dual-front disk setup; performance shocks; super bars; and just overall a very stylish and aggressive looking.  One can tell that this is not a US bike because of the larger lisence plate and a strap around the seat. Keep up the good work Max!

Triple of the Month (Feb '99) 

Submitter: John Samson of Australia
Bike: KH500 Hybrid

Talking about a Hybrid, this bike has the blood of all the Japanese Big Four. The motor is standard and was taken off a KH500. The front end is from a Yamaha RZ500 (2-stroke, 4-cyl Grand Prix); tank and fairing were borrowed from a VT Honda; the seat came off a Honda dirt bike; the monoshock swing arm is from Suzuki but with Kawasaki shock and the wheels belonged to Honda Comstar. No info on the pipes but let's just assume they are non-Kaw family to round out the big 4 Japanese bike makers. With the Kawasaki GPZ bodywork for a final dress to transform this KH500 into a new specie.

There is no doubt about the countless time, effort and money that were required to put such a special project like this one together. We hope to hear some performance feedback from John in the near future regarding his Hybrid.

Triple of the Month (March '99) 

Submitter: Bill Baxter of Lancaster, Texas (NAKTC Member)
Bike: H-2 Drag Bike

One can admire the beautifully painted graphics and the shiny surfaces on this bike, but the soul of this machine is the nasty, mean, and ferocious  2-stroke H-2 engine. Bill Baxter, a Texan, has piloted his H-2 in Oklahoma City - IBDA Super Eliminator to victoriously dominate in his first national event.  The bike ran with a record low of 8.10 seconds / 166 mph in a quarter-mile -- that is frighteningly fast. We look forward to seeing more of this famous H-2 in the future.

Noticed the Purple Haze Racing logo on the cylinder head and tail plate.

Triple of the Month (April '99) 

Submitter: David Borkowski of Ogden, Iowa (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '73 H2A
Take a look at this "purple beauty" and who doesn't want one?  The only trouble is....where could another one in this condition exist anywhere? The second factory Kawasaki disc brake really enhances the looks and is very useful when trying to stop all that H-2 power. This bike inherits just about all the conceivable NOS parts in 1998 and it runs great according to David.

David also owns other triples: '70 H1,  2 '73 S1's, '74 H
Other Kawie bikes: '70 G3TR, '70 A7, '71 A7, '75 KX400,
                                  '76KX125, '79 KZ1000 (shaft drive)
Others: '68 Yamaha YR2C, '70 & 71 Triumph Bonneville, 
              '71 Honda CB750K1

Triple of the Month (May '99) 

Submitter: Dave DeDonna of Long Island, New York (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '72 H2
With only 1,900 orig miles, this nicely modified H2 is equipped with: Factory chambers, K&N filters, 75 swing arm, repainted orig color with reproduction decals and custom seat for those hard acceleration blasts.  Dave also has all the original stuff saved.

Watch out for PHR ported power plant with 0.060 over weisco pistons comming soon.

Triple of the Month (June '99) 

Submitter: Tony Darata of Texas (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '70 H1
A charcoal gray H1 in this condition, parking in a nicely landscaped yard, is really a double bonus. The other available color for 1970 H1's is candy red.  Noticed that turn signals are optional for early H1's -- this bike doesn't have any. Also, equiped with stock gray cables which are quite rare today. The picture appears blueish because of the reflection from the sky.

Triple of the Month (July '99) 

Submitter: Glen Ibarra of California
Bike: '72 H2
This bike was built by  Boots Triples in San Diego, California.  A Vintage Racer which is equipped with: braced frame, expansion chambers, wider rims & tires, updated suspension, and finally kicked out with mild porting. But as it turned out being so nice, Glen has decided not to take it to the track and risk crashing it.  Should we blame him?

Triple of the Month (August '99) 

Submitter: Tony Darata of Texas (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '69 H1 Mach III
It is hard to believe that 30 years have gone by and the original fearsome '69 Mach III is still delivering loads of excitement to our lives. This beautifully kept '69 H1 reflects all of its originality and rarity. Being "King" of the road when it was born, the Mach III is still "King" to many of us today. This bike doesn't appear to equip with turning signals and that was the way Kawasaki shipped the early H1's -- Signals were an option.

Triple of the Month (September '99) 

Submitter: Jochen Krupski of Germany
Bike: '73 Modified H2A
History of  bike:

The bike was found in a cellar by Jochen's  friend in a relatively good condition, but not in original colors. The project started in 1990 with a long list modifications.  Fuel tank, seat and rear end in polished aluminum ( handmade ).  Front & rear fenders , frame and fork are original. 

Exhaust system in this picture is original but changed with "Fast by
Gast"-Replica System in 1991.  Front wheel is  2,5 x 18 with Metzeler ME 33 Sport while the rear is 3,5 x 18 with Metzeler ME 99 A 2. Rims are aluminum polished with chrome-vanadium spokes. Gauges are original but without visors to give the bike the sexy look.  Handle bar is Magura M with choke and gas-grip from Triumph T-Bird. 

Engine breathes with 3 Yamaha DT 400 optimized flow channels carburetors. 68 HP´s on DynoJet at rear wheel while maintaining stock pistons with slight port modifications. Tail-light holder is from cutted Honda CB 500 Four with  Hella tail-light.  Finally, with Koni shocks and Excentric polished aluminum swing arm  to launch this triple into a class of its own.

Triple of the Month (October '99) 

Submitter: Jonh Ingram of Dallas, Texas (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '72 H2
A restored H2 that is done properly.  John is the original owner who finally took that big step to attack the restoration project and actually finished it.  Before that, the H2 had been in a state coma since 1978 at his mother's garage.  The engine id is H2E07425 and frame id is H2F07408. According to John, this beauty has turned out to be better than expected and ton of memories are becoming more vivid everyday.

Triple of the Month (November '99) 

Submitter: Leo Savioli  from Italy
Bike: '75 H1F
A late comer for November....better late than never.
Thanks to Leo for this great looking Mach III.  One can tell it's a European version from having a long rear fender and a more sportier set of handlebars.  This golden brown H1 may not be so popular back in those days but today is a different story, especially when it looks this good. 

Triple of the Month (December '99) 

Submitter: Ron Hansen of Colorado, USA
Bike: '74 H2B
A total original '74 H2B with 11k original miles.
Ron has been owning this mint Mach IV for 21 years and looks like he'll continue to cherish it. Ron is also a big fan of the classic 4-cylinder KZ650.

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