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Triple of the Month (Jan 2000) 

Submitter: Chris Montrowl of Florida (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '72 H2
The 1st Triple of the Month to start out the new Millennium.
Beautifully modified.  The extended tail piece certainly makes the bike stand out.  With a seat like this, you'll never have to worry about falling off.

Triple of the Month (Feb 2000) 

Submitter: Keith Philpott of U.K. (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '72 S1-250
A white S1-250 is something we don't see at all in the U.S., and that is why this littlest triple is from the U.K.  The seat strap, the rear fender and the HUGE license plate are all characteristics of European models.

It is a real treat to be able to see this rare white S1 in such a beautiful shape. The S1 seems to be very popular maybe because it resembles so much of its big brother, the '72 H2 Mach IV. 

Triple of the Month (Mar 2000) 

Submitter: Urs Rufener of Switzerland
Bike: '72 H-2 750
Here's a fine example of a well-cared for H-2 with only 6000 original miles (9000 km).  Picture quality is not that great so it may not depict its true immaculate shape.

Triple of the Month (Apr 2000) 

Submitter: Bill Arbogast of Stockton, California
Bike: '69 H-1
The oldest legend, the infamous '69 Mach III.  With almost 6000 miles on it,  Bill now rides frequently and claims to spend a lot of time on the rear wheel. When Bill got the bike, it  had a lot of modifications, but he had returned it to stock.

Triple of the Month (May 2000) 

Submitter: Barry Burton of Texas (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '73 H-2A
When it comes to sweat and $$ pouring into a restoration project, look no further than Barry's H-2A above.  This bike has a nice blend of originality and modifications. Equipped with brand new chambers, 34 mm carbs,  and 0.040 over Wiseco pistons, this triple should elevate the thrill to the next level during hard acceleration. As one can see from the picture, no attention was left out even down to the nuts and bolts. Either way, Barry is enjoying it tremendously whether it's parking or screaming.

Triple of the Month (June 2000) 

Submitter: Ralf and Jeannette of Frankfurt, Germany (NAKTC Member)
Bike: Modified S1-A
Ralf and Jeannette are my good friends from Germany. They have been supplying me a lot of great pics over the years but this little modified S1-A definitely deserves a closer look. 

The 250 c.c. engine is ported and dressed with nicely polished cases. With Allspeed mufflers, H1-downpipes, Koni shocks and H-2R seat, this S1-A drastically takes a transformation into a unique looking racer. To finalize the mods, the following parts were added: Grimeca 4ls brake, Krober ignition and rev-counter, Acront alloy rims, custom made rearsets, and loads of new nuts and bolts.  A very, very nice piece of work.

Triple of the Month (July 2000) 

Submitter:Paul of Florida
Bike: Modified H2C
I am sure people will start emailing Paul from here on to ask him where to obtain some of the neat parts similar to the ones on this H2. Looks like the tail even has a spoiler. Also, noticed the Denco badge, that is RARE stuff. Wonder what it would pull in 1/4? Great job on the H2 Paul!

Below is the exact email from Paul:

Just found your web site and thought you would enjoy seeing our collection!

The 1st attached photo is my 1975 Denco 122 hp H2 Kawasaki.  I have designed a "pro-street" 70's series "Hot Rod" and have been having alot of fun with it!  The engine is a stage 3 Denco with pro cut cylinders, 772 cc, Wiseco altra light pistons, Falicon super crank, Factory Pipe Products
chambers, 36 mm Mucini's and a light 320 lbs.  A serious rocket.... Kimtab snowflake mags, extended 2 inch swing arm, and more!!!

I customized this bike myself, ride it on the streets in Florida!!  Great FUN!!

Enjoyed your website - will add to our favorites and will keeping visiting it!!

Thanks again, 

Paul & Patti -- Sarasota, FL

Triple of the Month (August 2000) 

Submitter:Boots Langley, Sandiego, CA
Bike: Modified H2A
Description below is extracted from Boots' email.

Hi YT,

Next up is my 73 H2. I built this H2 in 96 with my friend Richard Pollock (renowned Duel Sport Harley!!!builder) so that whatever horsepower I choose to build will be handled. 

I wanted the original look so I stayed with twin shocks and standard type forks. But the upgrades (and machine shop $) abound. Yamaha FJ1200 Alloy upper & lower clamps, Adjustable preload and damping 43mm forks. FJ fender. New EPM 18" Magnesium wheels with TZ750 mag rotor carriers and FJ1200 rotors.(once destined for my TZ750). SBS Sport/comp pads.  Koni 7610 Gas Shocks. Suzuki GS1100E 11" Halogen Headlight. Hella Horn. Braced (according to Rob North) & Powdercoated Frame. GPZ750 Turbo Boxed Alloy Swing Arm with eccentric chain adjusters (single shock brackets removed and adjustable twin shock brackets added).. Rr disc brake from GPZ550 with TZ750 drilled  rotor.  LH side TZ750 Alloy Steering Damper. 

Seat done locally by NBI Upholstery in San Diego. 73 H2 Reproduction paint by Mark Cameron in Oceanside, Ca. Polished engine cases, upper & lower clamps & fork sliders. Engine was beadblasted for a clean look.
Denco spec 92HP "Viper" ported cylinders w/Sam Coe Racing heads. Stock carbs with velocity stacks. Kirkland crank. Barnett "Kevlar" clutch, BB release mechanism. All service bulletin upgrades done to motor and trans. I don't remember the origin of the chambers. As Bill Elliot (almost) says "This bike rips"!! AND, for those doubters "This bike handles"!!!
This is what I call my stage 2. Next up is an H2R seat, different paint, 38mm Flat slides and a week of porting!!.


Triple of the Month (September 2000) 

Submitter: Josh Trenge, CA
Bike: '70 H1

Here's a very low mileage H1 -- believe it or not -- only 240 miles.  Josh purchased this bike and the background is it was once own by a pilot. The pilot died in a plane crash and left this beautiful '70 H1 all covered up in a hanger at Edwards Airforce Base in the Southern California dessert. The bike also came with original tool kit and owners manual. The original owner is gone after 30 years but the bike remains as new as the day it was taken out of the showroom floor.

Note: Josh sold this bike!

Triple of the Month (October 2000) 

Submitter: Scott Spence of Texas (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '72 H2

A $7000 frame-off restoration project that would only be done by a pure triple enthusiast. Scott owns approximated 60 bikes over the years but he claims there is nothing compares to the 'ol triple's for raw horsepower and fun.

All that $$ and swet traslates to:

  • 131hp PHR Stage II motor
  • Powder coated frame
  • FBG chrome chambers
  • Barnett clutch
  • 3" extended swingarm
  • Clip-on bars
  • Dual: steering dampers, KZ750 front dist w/ chromed calipers
  • KZ1000 rear disk brake with chromed caliper
  • Ninja clutch lever and master cylinder
  • KZ1000 aluminum mags with new Dunlops

Email Scott if you have questions for him:

Triple of the Month (November 2000) 

Submitter: Allen Russle of Michigan
Bike: '74 H2B

How many H2's are still around with less than 5000 miles? Well, here is one with with 4500 miles and appears to be in terrific shape!  Bike is stock except for the K&N filters and fresh 20 over Wiseco pistons. Allen claims it runs great and almost "scarry fast" !

Email Allen if you have questions for him:

Triple of the Month (December 2000) 

Submitter: Bill Smith of Jacksonville, FL (NAKTCMember)
Bike: '73 H2A

What a treat to see another beautifully preserved purple H2A.  This H2A is totally stock including the original factory paint. Bill only needed to revive the clear coat on the side covers by buffing and reclearing to make it showy again. The bike was last run about 4 years ago and it is seeing the streets again today.  Only 6100 miles after nearly 28 years, it averages only 218 miles per year.