NAKTC - 2003 Triple of the Month Archive

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Triple of the Month (January 2003) 

Submitter: James Diana of New York (NAKTC)
Bike: '75 H2C Dragster

It is surely nice to see a late model H2C in a "bad boy" outfit. Jim does everything himselft and always looking to interact with other dragracers.

Email from Jim: It was pretty hot that day and you know H2s... But the first time out it ran 9.68 at 141 mph ... the rest of the day it hung around 9.72-5 at 138-9 mph....  Small tire bike 60 ft 1.38 to 1.42...THANKS   JIM


Triple of the Month (Feb 2003) 

Submitter: Greg Patton (NAKTC)
Bike: 74/75 H1

Greg's creation is extremely pleasant to look at. The seat is very sporty with the Corbin style. Superbars and chambers with canisters are key ingredients for a roadracer.  

This bike danced and screeched which was a heart-stopper during the parade lap at Mid-Ohio 2001 NAKTC meet.


Triple of the Month (Mar 2003) 

Submitter: Mystery Roadracer
Bike: H1R

A Highly prized H1R is very hard to get a glimpse of.  This pic was sent to me from a member in Germany but I didn't have any info on it.  The reversed lettering was a mistake during image manipulation.

Please email me if you have more facts on this bike.

Email: ????

Triple of the Month (Apr 2003) 

Submitter: Mystery S1A
Bike: S1A

Another mystery triple? Anyone wants to come forward? Again, this pic was sent to me by a member from Germany or England.

I was just going through my archive and found a pic of this great looking S1A so here it is. 

Email: ???

Triple of the Month (May 2003) 

Submitter: Clive Adams of Nasville, TN
Bike: '73 H2A - 1300cc

Clive indicated that this 1300cc 5-cylinder H2A is the only one in existence in the US. Clive also owns owns a 5-cylinder H1 which was appeared on Triple of July in 2001.

Allen Millyard from the U.K. built this bike and some other multicylinder triples and Z1's. Recently, a Kawasaki Z1 8-cylinder was featured on one of the motorcyle magazines.

Clive may bring one of these machines to Mid-Ohio 2003 to display at the NAKTC corral so keep an eye out for them.


Triple of the Month (Jun 2003) 

Submitter: John Plank (NAKTC) of Texas
Bike: 75 H2C

What can we say about this bike?  What a terrific job done!  Look carefully and you should notice that this H2C doesn't look normal. Well, that's because John has a Euro version which came with long chrome rear fender and a seat strap. Of course, the mags are not stock but they do look great.


Triple of the Month (July 2003) 

Submitter: Jim Knight (owner & builder)
Bike: 72 H2 1000 c.c.

Another X-treme triple for the month. Jim cut the cases and left them 1/4" long. Harper Precision Performance performed the milling and welding.  Stock ignition had to be modified in order to use as well as the frame widened to use 2 center cylinders so that the 2 center pipes would come straight out.  Replicated Denco pipes.  Everything on the bike was powder coated, re-chromed, polished or re-zinced. Rick Brett provided numerous parts during the project.  The bike looks like factory engineered.

Great work Jim!

Contact Jim by Email:

                                                     Triple of the Month (Aug 2003)

Submitter: Hakan of SKTC (Swedish Kawasaki Triple Club)
Bike: 1969 H1
Description: Nice original rare!

                                                       Triple of Sep 2003

Owner: Unknown
Bike: Modified H2C
Description: Pleasantly modified with chambers and KZ style wheels.
Picture was taken at Mid-Ohio.
Please email me if you are the owner.

                                                                    Triple of Oct 2003

Owner: Perrry C. of Michigan
Bike: '72 H2 Dragster
Description: Bike runs consistently in the low 9's then finally broke into high 8's.
Purple Haze Racing porting with 34mm carbs.
Checkout those wicked chambers.

                                              Triple of Nov 2003

Submitter: Josh T. of Indio, California
Bike: '73 H2A Purple
Description: Picture was taken a few years back.
Bike was in immaculate original condition.
Josh may have sold it by now.

                                                         Triple of Dec 2003

Submitter: Unknown
'73 H2A Gold
 Description: Not sure who sent the picture.
Please email me if you are the owner.