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                                Triple of the Month (January 2004)

Ralf & Jeanette of Germany (NAKTC Member)
Owner: Unknown
Bike: Pocket '72 H2
Info: This picture is worth a thousand words
Superb job of incorporating a KH400 motor into an innovative mini H2.

Triple of the Month (February 2004)

Submitter: Robert Rosen of California
Bike: '73 H2A Purple
Info: Robert owns many prestine bikes and this one is amongst one of those bikes.
Robert keeps in collection very organized.
This is another fella that a bike enthusiast would like to meet.
Could it be the same bike previously owned by Josh T.?

Triple of the Month (Mar 2004)


Submitter: Bill "Bandit" Lashley of Massachusetts (NAKTC Member)
Bike: Modified H2C
Description: This a practically a drag bike.
Stage III FBG porting with 40mm Lectrons.
This bike has won many 1st place trophies from bike shows.

Triple of the Month (Apr 2004)

 Owner: unknown (I met the owner at Mid-Ohio but never got his name)
Bike: 74 Denco H2
Description: Bike was displayed at Mid-Ohio during a bike show. 
This either won its class or received 2nd place.
This model was a collaboration between Denco & Kawasaki and
was offered as limited edition at Kawie dealers.
No doubt that this bike is highly sought after.

Triple of the Month (May 2004) 

Submitter: Bob of Slinger, Wisconsin
Bike: 74 H2B

Note: This was submitted in 2003 so not sure if owner's email is valid. 

I started this project five years ago and have gotten an education in the process. It was bought in a complete non running basket case shape. It was completely restored by myself. It has all original and n.o.s. parts except the air filters, pipes and handlebars. Every possible part, screw, rivet, spoke was removed, cleaned, painted and or reworked by myself. The motor has been gone through and the current state has Denco spec. porting and some other internals. Along with Factory chambers with aluminum silencers and the filters, it is very, very strong running. There are some people that really need to be acknowledged for all the help I received over these years, without them this would have never happened. Bolek Horsepower Consultants (big thanks to Johnny and Alex), Purple Haze Racing, Fran Golden, Larry Kling (did the flawless repro paint job), Forester Signs and Graphics, Quick Bikes Racing, and last but in no way least, my two stroke guru and parts supplier Mark Kovach. The bike is a big head turner and almost all but the most massaged bikes on the street cant hold a candle to its radical quickness, proving that the king still lives.

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Triple of the Month (June 2004) 

Submitter: Redline Racing (Rider: Brian, Tuner: Larry Smith)
Bike: H2 Drag Bike

60ft	1.137
330ft 3.173
660ft 4.915
660mph 139.39
1000ft 6.442
1320ft 7.777
1320mph 170.08
The stats above tell everything about the Redline Racing H2.  Brian broke his own 1/4-mile world record with a 7.77 second at 170.08 mph at St. Louis during a Prostar 2-Stroke Super Eliminator Class in June 2004.  This is the 1st bike that broke into the 7 second bracket and is believed to be the only one. Totally incredible!  

The next 2-stroke Super Eliminator will be at Indianapolis during August. Show up if you want to witness these 30-year-old Kawasaki triples going all out.

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Triple of the Month (July 2004)

Submitter: Gary of  Triplesville????
Bike: Mini H1 Dragster

This is one of the most amazing minibikes around. A real attention grabber.
Not only it was used as a pit bike but it could also laydown some rubber.
It does take some skills to handle this little monster.
Picture was taken by Y.T. at St. Louis Prostar 2-Stroke Event.

Triple of the Month (August 2004)

Submitter: Jay Davidson of New Hampshire (NAKTC Member)
Bike: 1972 H2

This is Jay's daily rider. Looks like he's very proud of it.
Recent upgrades are: Proflo chambers, clutch release, gold RK chain & Sprocket.
I believe jay built this bike to take on the twisties of Deal's Gap.

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Triple of the Month (September 2004)

Submitter: Chris Brown of California (NAKTC Member)
Bike: 1975 S3A 400

This bike was purchased in 1985 and has been through several repaints.
Recently revived after 14 years of storage.
The current color is Porsche Red with stripes done by Chris.
Rear shocks are Bilstein's and chambers are Denco's.
Only on 2nd over so there's plenty of life left on one of the most reliable triples.

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Triple of the Month (October 2004)

Submitter: John Ingram of Texas (NAKTC Member)
Bike: 1972 H2

When it comes to details and looking best, look no further.
This is John's 2nd entry and is beautifully put together.
This gold color scheme for a 72 was not available in the U.S.
All John needs is a Gold '69 Charger to go with this bike.

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Triple of the Month (November 2004)

Submitter: Carlos of Brazil
Bike: 1973 H1D

This is the 1st time an H1D in this color scheme is presented on this site. 
Carlos did a superb job of recreating the "Brochure" H1D that
we used to see but practically doesn't exist.
The quality of restoration work is top notch.

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Triple of the Month (December 2004)

Submitter: Steve Stout of U.K.
Bike: 1972 S1

This bike was renovated by Kawasaki triple enthusiast Dave Howard and purchased by Steve earlier in 2004.  You just don't see this color scheme in the U.S.

Steve Stout (AKA -  blueh2steve)

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