NAKTC - 2006 Triple of the Month Archive

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Triple of the Month (Jan 2006)

Submitter: Mike McSween of Florida (NAKTC Member)
Bike: 1972 H2

Mike is the original owner of this numbers matching 1972 H2. He bought it in Japan
during the Vietnam war and brought it back to the
states on the USS Constellation.
It is a ready to road race with a PHR stage III, 130 HP monster. It was built by Jimmy
Purnell of Fort Pierce, Fl.. It is truely an amazing story.

Triple of the Month (Feb 2006)

Submitter: David Hilton of Texas (NAKTC Member)
Bike: 1974 H2B

Who says a '74 H2B is ugly duckling? Look again, anyone would be proud to own an H2B that looks like this one. '75 H2C may be more desirable because of its sleek look and rarity, but '74 H2B stands its own ground with a more muscular look. David "Captain Hilton" did a heck of a job on this bike.

Triple of the Month (Mar 2006)

Submitter: Brian Hilvety of Illinois
Bike: 1970  Tracy H1

The bike was originally a 70 H1. Brian built it for a customer from Chicago. It was brought to Brian as a rolling chassis, but he ended up doing a frame/cases up job on it. The frame had to be modified to fit the pipes that he allready had. They were for a later H1, so Brian cut the rear footpeg/pipe mounts off of a later frame. He welded them to the 70 frame, and added mounts for the rearsets & then powdercoated it. He added a Ducati super bike steering damper.

As far as the Tracy body, Brian didn't supply info but the picture speaks for itself. Brian's work is recognized worldwide by now.

                                 Triple of the Month (Apr 2006)

Submitter: John Brewton of Orange, CA (NAKTC Member)
Bike: 1976 KH400

John has been collecting triples for about 15th years. He owns more than a dozen triples and most of them are in great shape. This KH400 is one of the best examples of an unmolested bike. This is also a 1st green 76 KH400 to make it as triple of the month.

More background story on this bike later when John supplies more info, so stay tuned.

                                Triple of the Month (May 2006)

Submitter: Thom Landon of Arizona (NAKTC Member)
Bike: 1972 H1-B

This is Thom's favorite triple, and he owns many over the years. It is an NOS restored bike. Thom bought it a few years ago and have been adding little things to it as time goes. He still has a set of NOS dual disc calipers that he's going to put on it when he can find another NOS disc and some related little hardware. This is the 2nd H1B that made it here as triple of the month.


                               Triple of the Month (June 2006)

Submitter: Greg Patton of Ohio (NAKTC Member)
Bike: 1975  H1-F
This is a revision of a previously triple of the month. It looks better and should perform better, too. It should be at Mid-Ohio this year. Good work Greg!  

                                Triple of the Month (July 2006)

Submitter: Brian Hilvety of Illinois
Bike: 1969 H1
This is Brian's 3rd triple as triple of the month....hey...what can I say about this guy as a restorer and enthusisast.

                                   Triple of the Month (August 2006)

Submitter: Dave Crussel of CA
Bike: 1972 H2R

Hey YT good to hear from you.

Here are some "unpublished" pictures of the ex-DuHamel bike.

Here is a quick description of the bike and its history.

It was built at the end of the 72 season in a batch of 4-5 bikes which had a special works frames. These frames were made by Kawasaki for the A team riders. They have a number of details which are different from the general 72 H2R chassis or the 73 chassis. This bike is serial number 1.

The bike was raced by the US team through 1973 in the US. DuHamel and Bauman used this type of works frame and Wada in Japan, all other H2Rs used the standard H2R frame. There are no records of which bike was used for which race.

At the beginning of the 74 season these bikes were made obsolete by the new 74 H2R with a redesigned frame. To save money two older bikes were shipped to Kawasaki UK for the match races and Imola and left there after the races.

This is the bike that Yvon rode in the match races and at Imola. He won one of the races at Brands Hatch but had a number of engine problems over this period. The engine fitted to the bike was actually a replacement fitted after one mechanical failure and was probably "borrowed" from Kawasaki UK, it is a 72 H2R engine.