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Triple of the Month (Sept '98) 

Owner: Matt Riley of Pleasant Hill, CA (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '75 H-2C (sleek and aggressive)
Matt installed tapered roller bearings, K-591 rear tire, RK o-ring chain, new Kawasaki sprockets, and brand new Fast by Gast chambers. Carbs jetted to 107.5 mains, 45 pilots, and cyls bored out with 40 over Wisecos. Superbike bars w/ sports mirrors. Using 110 Octane fuel, Matt claims the power band is very impressive & smooth. Very clean rear hub including sprocket area -- as we can see from picture. Body work is retained in stock form. Waxed & locked up in his garage to a bracket sunk into garage floor with heavy krytonite cable!!

Triple of the Month (Oct '98) 

Owner: Gordon Norrie of Calgary-Alberta, Canada (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '73 S-1A 250

The smallest triple of all but gets a big spot for October '98 Triple of the Month. This beautifully kept S-1A only has less than 3,000 actual miles and looks like it is just rolled off the showroom floor yesterday. Even down to the tires are original. A sleek and sporty design that has passed the test of time. This bike has actually been displayed on just about all of the Triples Sites that we know of;however, that doesn't stop it from appearing here. 

Triple of the Month (Nov '98) 

Submitter: Barrie Blueian of Southern California (NAKTC Member)
Bike: '69 H-1 500 Mach III

While surfing the internet I ran across an add that read 1969 H-1 500 #000220, no price or description of the bike. I send an email back to the owner (Morgan Grover) who lives near me. I was really seeking a bike for a Southern California collector who asked me to keep an eye out. 

I went to see the bike and low and behold, the entire bike was in parts, most of which were sealed in coffee cans in an old refrigerator.  When I looked at the parts (most of which were in mint condition) I knew, had areal find.  I haggled and bought the bike on a cash advance off a credit card.  I took the entire bike in parts to the Collector who resides 4 hoursfrom me.  Believe it or not we could not work out a deal on the bike and Ihauled it home.  When shortly after I advertised the bike, several buyerscame to see the bike.  The very first one bought it as soon as he verified the numbers.  After taking the bike with him in parts, I was contacted and asked to assemble the bike to insure all parts were included.  

Well, thatbrings the story to close except for the final chapter; the new owner sent the bike to Japan for complete restoration and display.  The new owner said the bike will not be for resale, but said in passing after complete the restoration, the bike will be worth $20,000.00 due to the low serial number and low miles.

Triple of the Month (Dec '98) 

Submitter: Mark Zweig of Sherborn, Massachusetts, USA
Bike: H2AB?

What a nice looking modified H-2B....hey....wait a minute....what?  Looks like an H-2B but not quite, but what is this machine?

Mark has been owning countless of bikes and this new addition was something he could not pass by. This bike was recently restored with just about with all new parts that one can imagine -- new everything including airbox and carb boots --  but something is peculiar about this bike; in fact, it is a '72 H-2 by identification but with a touch of graphics of a '74 H-2B.  The side cover's 750 graphic has an accent of '73 H-2A. Noticed the painted front fender and the Factory chambers with silencers, and as a result, this bike inherits that roadracer look.  It's nice to see great looking triples still around.

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