Join NAKTC or Inquire Info
(We need members to keep this site alive!!!)

Normally yearly membership is $25, but to celebrate the NAKTC 10th Anniversary, we are extending membership for 3 years for a cost of $30.
Membership will start now and the next renewal date is August 06, 2011.
Membership will be activated immediately upon receiving payment.
New user ID and password will be issued annually.
The NAKTC site itself is the online newsletter (materials are posted in "Members Only" site)
There may be electronic "NAKTC Annual" issued as bonus only for downloading from Member's Only site when possible.
"NAKTC Annual" consists of recap of events and info (not likely to be issued every year)
Renewal date is August 06, 2011.

Club dues: $30.00us 

1.  Member can place multiple ads with pictures on the main website for free 'til sold.
2.  Post articles and pictures.
3.  Access to "members only" pages.
4.  Receive award for Triple of the Year.
5.  Participate in club activities.
6.  Get info from the NAKTC site and other fellow members.

Please e-mail if interested in joining with subject: "NAKTC 2008-2011"