Classic Kawasaki NOS Parts

I am not a dealer, I just happened to buy these left-over parts from a local shop and just wanted to pass on others for restoration purposes at discount prices. These parts are rare and typically not available at Kawasaki dealers anymore. Most of these parts are NOS (New Old Stock) otherwise indicated. Some of these parts have original wrappers and some don't; some may be exposed to dust and humidity as they've been sitting on shelves for over 20 years; some even have scratches and dings. These parts are primarily PRE 80s.  Buyer pays for shipping/handling. Illinois residents will have to add 7.5% state sales tax. Follow this link for used triple parts - USED TRIPLE PARTS

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I don't restock parts so I can only sell parts that are listed.
I will ONLY get back with you if I can locate the parts.

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The condition rating as well as popularity of items reflect my selling price. Please leave request with (   PLEASE email for prices if not listed (too much work to type in). I do have microfiches and for most of these bikes and I will try to help you locate the right parts for your needs. Visit this link PARTS CATALOG to find out what parts fit you bike to make life easier for me and you. If I don't reply, that simply means I don't have the parts anymore.


Part# 90000s:  Seals, nuts & bolts, rubbers, grommets, springs, dampers, ect.

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