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Posted by: Racemaster@aol.comon Sept 26, '98.
Q1: What is the value of a nice '72 H2?
A1: A nice H-2 is typically running in the range of $2000 to $4000, and some even run for as high as over $10,000. There is(was) a nice H-2 posted on NAKTC Classifieds for $7,500.
Q2: Will mods add to the value of my bike.?
A2: Nicely modified bike with well known parts could raise the value of bike, e.g.: Purple Haze Racing, Denco Cobra,  and Fast by Gast motors; Denco, Wirges, Fast by Gast chambers (chrome are highly desired); larger Mikuni/Lectron carbs.
Q3: Where can I get chambers for H2 and S2 and costs?
A3: Start with Purple Haze Racing
Q4: Do you have sources for NOS tanks, etc & what would I expect to pay?
A4: Finding NOS parts is like treasure hunting -- some keep NOS for trading purposes only. Having a lot of connections in the Triple community will definitely increase your chance of locating NOS parts. Join NAKTC doesn't hurt.
Q5: Where can I find history on the race bikes & what are their values?
A5: Start with Purple Haze Racing for info. Race bikes in pure form or modified are rare and very costly when put together  and should have higher values.
Q6: Are Wiseco pistons better that stock ones?
A6: Wiseco pistons are widely used in upgrading the triple power plants and are at least just as good or better than stock ones. Some wiseco pistons are forged and specially machined for performance and durability.
Q7: Who does hop up engine work: general repairs (tune ups etc.), & engine rebuilding.
A7: Learning how to work on the triples your self is your best bet. Local bike dealers are less enthusiastic about working on the old triples because they can't guarantee replacement parts.
Q8: Who does crank work?
A8: Try Fast by Gast (heard that they are getting away from triples). Try Purple Haze Racing.
Q9: Who can test CDI boxes?
A9: Try Purple Haze Racing.

Posted by: on Sept 26, '98.
Q10: I'm interested in any info on crank rebuilds -- seals available? I believe  I can buy rods and big ends from Kawasaki. I know main bearings are available from local bearing shop.
A10: Try Purple Haze Racing.

Posted on 10/01/98
Q11: Does anybody know production nos. for h-2 years & paint codes? Would like to know for some bikes I am working on.
A11: This is unofficial answer:
        Model           Paint (don't know codes)     Number Produced
        '72 H-2         Blue                                        Around16,999
        '73 H-2A      Purple, Gold                          Around 15,399
        '74 H-2B      Green, Brown                        Around 10,306
        '75 H-2C      Red, Purple                           Around 5,010

Posted by: yrnakajima@ucdavis.eduon 11/07/98
Q12: What is the correct gas to oil ratio for the H1-500...thanks, Yoshi.

Posted by: daleking@bellsouth.neton 01/18/99
Q13: Does anyone know where I can get the accurate color for a 72 H2?  I have a tank that is faded and I don't think a proffit would accurately read it.  I have heard of sticker kits and paint that could be bought from somerwhere.  Sooo, does anyone know where that somewhere is????

Posted by: daleking@bellsouth.neton 03/13/99
Q14: What kinda upgrades can I do for better/safer handling for my H1?
Looking to modify my swingarm and front suspension by using other parts
of other bikes. What fits with less hassle to modifie? Thanks Larry.

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